About Us

What is AssociaCash

With AssociaCash open affiliate network, we aim to bring innovation to the affiliate industry. We offer unique tools, great offers, and extensive resources.

We are based in India, with a team of passionate marketing and web professionals committed to developing the software that affiliates would love to use.

Founder of AssociaCash started it out of frustration knowing that the large open network was not able to fulfill the needs of affiliates and merchants. Thus developed AssociaCash which is scalable and robust to match current and future needs of both.

AssociaCash has already started seeing success with its unique tools, plugins, and widgets along with actionable reports that provide the hard fact that the other network would never want you to know. The cherry on top is that AssociaCash is free and its signup only takes less than 30 seconds.

“The Affiliates who sign up are surprised by various features that this program has to offer. The early feedback received has been very rewarding for the team.”
General Manager

Our Core Values

We here at AssociaCash have a very strong culture based on our core values. Our core value drives deep within us, it helps us define who we are and what we do. It helps us to be motivated and work not only to attract new people but to retain them as well

We are a team of highly motivated people and we take pride in what we do. We are very passionate about our product and take a lot of care of people we work with.

Innovation is the thing that drives us. There is no restriction on ideas here we encourage our people to challenge the established practices.

Relationship and transparency are the two major pillars of our business that we built with both the merchant and the affiliate. If there is any mistake we do accept it and work over it to get it timely resolved.

Have fun
Our team enjoys coming to work and there is a relaxed and informal environment that helps them grow. We keep the team motivated by celebrating both individual and company achievements.