Open up the door for Unlimited earnings

Great opportunities to monetize your website by promoting various top quality brands in health, weight loss, and fitness industries.
You get it all here whatever be your ambitions, a prominent part-time income or earning huge sums of money, starting a new carrier, buying a home for family, or achieving complete financial freedom – our extensive training resource paired with one-to-one mentoring from the market specialist can help you can achieve it all here.

Competitive Commissions

Competitive Commissions
We offer you one of the highest paying commissions in the industry by offering 30% To 40% commission as standard.

Global Markets

Global Markets
With various localized payment methods that are standard across various brands, promoting becomes easy and convenient.

Cookies 60 Days

Cookies 60 Days
The AssociaCash cookies last 60 days. As your customer might take time to buy maybe weeks or months, you will always get your commission.

Let the traffic earn you. You can display ads on your website or share the affiliate link and earn a huge performance fee for driving the conversion. With AssociaCash an industry-leading platform you will get top payouts and prompt payments.


Advertising Resources, Bonuses & Incentives
With a wide range of promotional resources create successful sales campaigns and keep the dollars flowing in with regular bonuses and sales incentives.

Chargeback Protection*

Chargeback Protection
Keep chargebacks at bay. As here you can keep all your commissions earned from every sale, without worrying about what happens after you have made it.

Let the traffic earn you. You can display ads on your website or share the affiliate link and earn a huge performance fee for driving the conversion. With AssociaCash an industry-leading platform you will get top payouts and prompt payments.

We Do Things Differently

At AssociaCash, we don’t come first. You do.
At AssociaCash our loyalty lies always with you. We consider our merchants and affiliates as our valuable asset unlike the other networks treating you more likely a replaceable commodity.

We only make money when you do. So our utmost priority is ensuring that you have access to best in class offers and you receive proper training and support from our team to help you achieve new heights and make your business a success.

Industry-Leading Tracking

Next-level tracking means you’ll never miss a sale
With other standard tracking programs, there are always limitations and up to 26%* of the sales get lost and you are never able to track it as they use old standard cookie and Ip tracking. Associscash we use our very own industry-leading software that helps to track all clicks and sales. With this, you get the exact level of accurate and reliable tracking that means:

  • Tracking cross devices sales
  • Tracking in various other ways when the customers have the cookies disabled
  • Tracking when the customers take time to purchase
  • Tracking even if there is no standard affiliate link used
  • Tracking even if your website visitors dont click the link but they end up buying

We make sure that you are fairly credited for every sale that you contribute to including the 26% that the other network would at times miss out. We proudly say that it will turn out the best tracking system for you once you start using it.

*Internal AssociaCash tracking study

Exclusive, High-Converting Brands

With high conversion rates of up to 7.44% It is easier to make sales

High-Converting Brands

As we operate many brands in AssociaCash we get everything done in a jiffy whether it be improving your site performance, development or CRO release.

Our conversion and optimization experts ensure that all brands perform high and always remain competitive so that you earn more money…and you have your say and influence on whichever brand you promote. If you have any ideas and suggestions we will welcome it with open arms.

Guaranteed Payments

On time payments
We have never missed any payments. We strongly believe whatever happens – our advertisers depend on us, any calamity, natural disaster, that happens is our problem and not yours. We’ll make sure you always get paid.

Payout dates: 15th & last day of month

Currencies: USD


Charges: Asssociacash fess 7% Processing charge on income + Paypal charges exta.

Min payout amount: $100

Transparent Reporting

Detailed reporting enables you to see much more than just the sale

  • Gives you detailed stats such as average commission, conversion rate, and EPC so that you choose the best-suited offers to promote.
  • You can thus build a picture of your sales campaign by viewing all the stats and having insight on each brand that will help you increase your revenue.
  • You get to view real time clicks and sales, you can thus analyse the performance of each link and landing page and thus compare the stats against network average.
  • You can export crucial data from the sales report to have an in-depth analysis and for getting a deeper understanding of the campaign performance here you can even add essential info such as the name of the campaign keyword and click ID’s on the tracking links.

Personal 1-2-1 Support

Continue Marketing support to grow your business

With us, you can expect a tailored response to cater to your needs as we don’t do canned responses. Our main focus is to build an earnest and lasting relationship with you.

We will appoint for you an experienced mentor who understands the market thoroughly and who will guide you and will dedicate time to get to know and understand you and your business insights.


It’s easy, quick to join and 100% free. Come, become a part of AssociaCash today!


Get access to a wide range of health and wellness products to promote to your customers


Earn big commissions of up to 30% To 40% for every sale you make. Doesn’t that sound great.

Monetize your traffic. Display ads on your website or share your affiliate link and earn performance fee for driving conversions Top payouts, Prompt payments and an industry leading tracking platform.

How it works?

We’ve streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate affiliate tracking.

  • Tracks the clicks of the visitors on the affiliate link on your website or in an email.
  • Tracks visitor’s IP, as well as a cookie, is placed in the visitor’s browsers for tracking purposes.
  • Tracks the visitor who browses the site, and may decide to order.
  • Tracks if the visitors’ orders (not necessarily in the same browser – session as the cookies and IP’s are store for 60 days order placed in any time during this phase is tracked) the order will be registered for you as a sale.
  • Our team will review and approve the sale.
  • You will receive a commission payout for the sale.

Start your journey of making money!

Our Affiliate Program is free and there are no hidden charges. We pay commissions for all the sales you referred. You can earn up to 30% To 40% commissions

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