GoGoHair Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Review

Company Overview

GoGoHair is a hair regrowth device produced by a company called GoGoHair Regrowth Laser Technology LLC. This is a new organization that produces this one signature product. GoGoHair is for people who are experiencing hair loss. It uses low-level laser technology to penetrate the scalp and stimulate hair growth. The company guarantees the efficacy of the product to make your hair longer and thicker.


Product Description

GoGoHair is a device which is worn as a helmet on the head for about 7 minutes every day. It uses low-level laser technology to send photons deep into the hemoglobin, activating better blood flow and stimulating the hair follicles. This creates greater hair growth and helps the hair grow in thicker. The product takes about 3-4 months to show significant change in growth, and 8 months to deliver full results.

There is significant evidence that low-level laser therapy is very effective at creating hair growth in people who have experienced hair loss. The company is offering two different versions of this item for sale. There’s a GoGoHair Light & Pro which has 80 diodes for $399.99. In addition, you can purchase the GoGoHair Pro – Laser Hair Loss Therapy (272 diodes) for the price of $100.

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